Auto-Tune The News

OK, so I’ve got a policy about the internet. I don’t have time to look at everything that rolls across my feed reader or the twitter, so a lot of stuff gets ignored. But if something comes across 5 or 6 or a billion times, sooner or later, it’ll get clicked on. Auto-Tune The News is one of those things. I saw it a billion times, and each time I saw it, I thought I understood the joke. So, on the billionth and first time today, I clicked on it, and found out that the whole time, the joke was on me.

Auto-Tune The News is easily the most brilliant new thing I’ve seen on the internet since The Show by Ze Frank. Although only five episodes in, ATTN (which cleverly acronyms into ATTENTION!) is hilarious, subversive genius.

Here is the episode that removed the scales from my eyes:

It’s the smooeooeoooeooke! The smoooooeooooeooooke!

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2 thoughts on “Auto-Tune The News

  1. In fairness, it’s brilliant but not new. This does not seem like the type of thing you would ignore for so long.

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