Katie’s Backyard BBQ 2009

There is nothing better than having a whole bunch of your friends gather together on a beautiful day to play washers, ladder golf, wiffleball, talk, eat and conjure fire from a makeshift firepit. Add alcohol to the mix and even more hilarity ensues.

Thank you, Paul for being the Pork Steak Grillmaster. You mastered our Weber grill with such experience and ease.

The best part about someone else’s child is that you can feed her as much sugar as she wants because at the end of the day, she’s not going home with you.

Some people braved the frigid water and went in on their own volition.
Others were forcefully convinced.

And while others just soaked up the afternoon sun.

After more people joined the party, a pick-up wiffleball game commenced.

Then the pork steaks came out and we all enjoyed that.

As evening set in, the boys became bored of the conversations going around and decided to be pyros (at least they were responsible pyros).

So, you know a BBQ is a success when it ends in fire. Can’t wait until next year’s extravaganza!

Here are the rest of the pictures from that day.

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