Mini-Vacation with the Marcantels

We were invited by the Marcantels to spend a couple of days down in Cape Coral, FL at their fabulous condo and of course, we took them up on their offer. And it was wonderful! Now, Bob and I were really only there for 2 full days but it was what we needed. Lounging by the pool on Monday (and getting burned in a random pattern, I really do not like the spray sunscreen) and shopping all day on Tuesday at the outlet mall. What more could I ask for?

How can you be down in Florida and not go to DisneyWorld? That’s exactly what Krissy and Kenny thought so we drove up to Orlando Tuesday night so they could spend a couple of days there and we flew home from there.

Marcantels, thank you so much for inviting us down to Florida and letting us hang out with you! We must do it again!

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