Supper Club: Iron Barley

With the Komen Race this past weekend, we showed our support for breast cancer research by “Dining Out For The Cure” instead of “Racing For The Cure” because, frankly, we eat better than we run, much better stamina. We chose Iron Barley because we had seen it on Man vs Food and it looked fabulous. We were not disappointed.

When we got down there, the restaurant was tiny, it almost looked like they converted a row house into a restaurant. We ended finding seats out on their back patio and that was where the adventure began.

Appetizer: Ricotta Salata. An appetizer of triangles of ricotta cheese, prosciutto, pancetta, toasted bread slices and red leaf lettuce. This was a light appetizer, just perfect for the four of us. It curbed our growling stomachs just enough that we could wait for dinner.

Entree: I had the Smoked Duck Salad. Omigoodness, that was wonderful! It had bacon, Granny Smith apples, this sweet sauce I’m sure was made from duck fat, so delicious. I would definitely recommend this dish to anyone who likes duck.

Bob had the Oak Roasted Pork on a bed of barley.

Katie enjoyed the Chicken Salad.

Kim had the Roasted Chicken Club Sandwich.

No one was unhappy with their dishes, everything was devoured. We even shared a bit with each other.

Dessert: Fritz’s. Of course. Nothing bad to say about this place. And for you who know me, you know how often I go there hence why I’m so fat. But it’s worth it.

We all would come back to the Iron Barley again. It’s a divey place to go to but the food is fantastic. I highly recommend it. Go forth and enjoy this little diamond in the rough.

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  1. Ah yeah. I definitely want to go to Pappy’s as well. And also: The U. It’s down on Olive. Supposed to be great late night food. Big SLU hangout.

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