Supper Club: June 3, 2009

Appetizer: Creamy Pesto Dip. A cool, refreshing dip that went wonderfully with baguette chips. I do enjoy a dip that’s not very loaded with ingredients, this dip is simple yet full of flavor. And it tastes better a couple of days later, when the ingredients had even more time to infuse into the sour cream.

Entree: Garlic and Onion Burgers. Okay, 1.5 pounds of meat is more than enough for feeding a group of 5. It was a solid hamburger recipe. Since Bob went to the Cardinals game, I cooked the burgers on the Foreman Grill and they turned out fine.

Side Dish: Cajun Sweet Potato Fries. I LOVE sweet potato fries! This was a healthy alternative to the fried version and I liked the sweet-spicy combination.

Dessert: Smore Truffles. Decadent, delectable, devoured! I will be putting this recipe in my Christmas cookie tin rotation. I probably could have eaten a dozen of those but I had to stop myself after two or else I would make myself sick with how rich it was.

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