When the Guys are Out, The Girls Will Play

Did you really expect the girls to sit at home while the boys are gallivanting around St. Louis in a drunken stupor? HELL NO! Amanda, the bride-to-be, gathered a group of us and headed down to the Sugar Creek Winery to enjoy the fabulous weather (it did look a little dicey in the morning but thank goodness it cleared up), the wonderful food and the fantastic wine. We spent about 3 1/2 hours down there just eating, drinking and talking. The only incident that marred the day was a fortyish-year-old woman who did not know when to stop the wine inhalation and was passed out on the table for a while. Then, the inevitable happened. I did not see it but Amanda did and I’ve never seen her move so fast to get away from the table. At least it was at the end of the day so thank goodness for small favors.

Of course the day did not end there. We had to include a chick flick in the mix and then karaoke at the Gashouse Grill. I really thought that when they said “Let’s go to Gashouse. They have karaoke tonight.” it meant hang out and listen to other people sing. Oh no! It meant that we had to sing. Geez. And I did not have the luxury of being buzzed when singing.

Girls’ Day Out is too much fun! We must have more of these in the future!

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