Supper Club Field Trip

This week, Katie suggested that we go to the Missouri Botanical Garden for the Whitaker Music Festival . It’s a free event where you go to the Garden, bring your own food (or buy it there) and enjoy the atmosphere. This was the first time for me and I was just amazed at how popular this event is. I guess it goes to show that people will do anything as long as it’s free. The evening was absolutely gorgeous, not humid, a slight breeze. We found a spot under a couple of walnut trees and put out our spread. We had pulled pork, fruit salad, 7-layer taco dip, cinnamon-sugar doughnut muffins and coconut-chocolate chunk blondies. As we gorged ourselves, we could faintly hear the music. I guess they only have speakers up at the stage, but really, I was okay with where we were. I didn’t need to see the band, I was more there for the experience. After two picnic-style events this year, I’m really beginning to enjoy these outdoor festivities.

One tip, though, be sure to not lick your fingers while eating, or else you’ll get the fantastic taste of bug spray.

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