Festival of the Little Hills

What is it about craft fairs that brings out the weirdos to one location? Is it the crazy fried choices (fried Oreos, fried Twinkies, fried cookie dough), or the wares that people try and sell (no, I do not want to buy a rock), the live music, or is it just an excuse to go around riding your Harley with your biker babe hanging on to you? Whatever the reason is, the Festival of the Little Hills was chock full of people Saturday night. I saw quite a few mullets, tattoos, inappropriate clothing (honey, you’re WAY TOO FAT to be wearing that) in the first 10 minutes of being there, it was pretty incredible.

This was my first experience at this festival and there was so much to see. There were people selling jewelry, pottery, paintings, you name it, they probably were selling it. Now, most of this stuff isn’t my style, I’m not really a “country” girl so I bypassed most of the vendors. But we did end up purchasing a couple of pottery pieces and a mix for wine smoothies. I did fall in love with some wood furniture but refrained from purchasing because it was $2,000. Yeah, I’ll stick with my plastic Adirondacks, thank you. The festival was a sight to behold, so even if I didn’t buy too much, I definitely got my entertainment people-watching. Although not my scene, I did have a fabulous time with my girlfriends, walking around and enjoying the fabulous (but highly unusual) August weather.

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