Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Liang

What? That’s not right! Eric is too young to get married! He’s still eight-years-old, small, skinny with the biggest, hardest head in the world. He’s still ramming us with that ginormous noggin any time we tease him or piss him off. He still has his hands up and rolling his hips as he’s saying “Ravishing Rick Rude.” He’s not supposed to old enough to own his own home, let alone say “I do.” Sigh, where has the time gone? Well, at least he’s grown into his head.

In celebration of the nuptials of Eric and Melissa, a bunch of us went out to Las Palmas for dinner Friday night. Cathy was needing her Las Palmas fix and we were happy to oblige. The groom and best man showed up as well and we pretty much took over the restaurant, if not physically, but vocally. When you get this particular group of friends together, we sure can turn up the volume. After dinner, we headed over to the house to help with last minute wedding things, like the programs and seating chart. Yep, that’s right, we had to clean up the seating chart due to some mistakes and create a wedding program. But it was fun, sitting around and hanging out with the Liang family, they are always a good time. So, really, we were there for moral support.

Saturday morning, for us, was spent by the pool, soaking up some rays, just biding our time until the wedding. We then picked up my mom and headed to the church. We were a bit worried when we didn’t see Cathy and Sam with the rest of the family. They were running errands all day and still running them right up until wedding time. Everyone was seated, the parents were seated and they come sneaking in as the first couple in the wedding party walked down the aisle. Talk about cutting it close! The bride and groom even performed the sand ceremony! Twice, in one year, I wonder if it’s the new “unity candle.”

The reception was held at The Landings at Spirit Golf Club, which was located in the middle of nowhere Chesterfield. It was a bit interesting getting there but now that we know it’s there, Bob will be wanting to explore that golf course soon. There were appetizers of fruit, vegetable tempura and toasted ravioli and so of course, I gorged on that to the point where I could barely eat dinner. Whoops. I got to catch up with people that I hadn’t seen in years and be entertained by one of my friend’s two-year-old boy as he busted out his dance moves. He was too cute.

Congratulations, Eric and Melissa, may you have many wonderful and happy years together!

Here are the rest of the pics!

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