Meet Murphy

Okay, so this really isn’t a photo of Murphy but we didn’t have a camera on us at the time and he is a Wheaten Terrier so he looks just like this one. While we were at the Peimanns’ new home, helping move in, a woman drove by, asking if we had seen a dog running around. She told us that his name is Murphy, he’s a Wheaten Terrier and is super-friendly. He’ll come up to you when you call him. As soon as she drove off, I spied him the backyard and called him over. And yes, she is absolutely correct, he is such an excitable, sweet, adorable puppy! I just wanted to take him home. But, alas, my conscience said no and we called her to let her know that her puppy has been found. Another dog reunited with its owner. My goodness, we are good!

So, running total: 7 families reunited. If you lost your dog, who you gonna call? The Sherrons!

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