Supper Club: July 29, 2009

This week’s Supper Club was a little sparse due to one being offered baseball tickets and the other had to battle a flood in her basement, so we kept it simple.

Appetizers: Assorted cheese and crackers.

Entree: Baja Fish Tacos. This was a light, crisp-tasting dish that I enjoyed. A very easy dish to put together. Kate chose to use Barramundi, which Oprah claims is the “next white fish.” So, if Oprah says it’s good, then it’s good.

Side Dish: Lime Sweet Potatoes. This was another simple dish but we ran into a snag called cooking time. The flavor was there but the cook time was vastly wrong. We were disappointed that it took so long to cook and by the time we got tired of waiting, it was still semi-crunchy. Oh well.

Dessert: Easy Apple Tart. Super easy dessert that you can whip out in 30 minutes, depending how long it takes you to slice apples. I do warn you, the brown sugar coating will drip onto the pan so I would suggest lining your cookie sheet with foil.

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