Yet Another Awesome Visit To The City Museum

It is no secret that we love the City Museum. But much like myself after Thanksgiving, now that the City Museum has opened the Roof — with a bunch of attractions, a new slide, a ferris wheel, and a great view of the city — there is even more of the City Museum to love. Chris, Katie, and Jim joined Jen and me at the City Museum to entertain Katie’s friend Kristy (Christy?) who was in from out of town, and it was the first time we went up to the roof. Let me tell you, the roof is great, and it looks like it is still under construction to a certain extent. The view of the night city is awesome. The new slide is the fastest slide at the City Museum, and there is a great run-up-the-slide-and-then-slide-down attraction, similar to the one in Monstrocity. The roof is $5 extra, but it’s totally worth it.

In addition, we did all the usual stuff, plus some stuff that we don’t usually do. We climbed to the top of the metal section above the crystal (turns out it was almost all the way to the roof — that’s a lot of spiral stairs!) and rode the nauseating spiral slide back down. Gotta say that’s not my favorite thing, but now I know what it’s all about. We hung out for a while at Beatnik Bob’s, ran the skate park, went to the top of Monstrocity, and crawled through the caverns. The only snag (pun intended) came at the end of the night when Jen decided to kick it up a notch and rip her jeans right below her back pocket. Good thing she was wearing good underwear.

Basically, we had a great time and will next time as well.

One thought on “Yet Another Awesome Visit To The City Museum

  1. I didnt know they had roof top fun! thats pretty cool. Welcome to the club Jen. Last time I was at CM, i tore a pair of jeans i had just bought the day previous. Ridonkulous.

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