“Amadeus” at the Rep

Last Tuesday night, Bob scored some tickets to the Rep because his friend was unable to attend, his loss was our gain. I had never been to the Rep before so I was excited to get cultured. The Rep is actually a pretty small theater and I would say that there is not a bad seat anywhere. It was cozy and intimate, the actors could easily interact with the audience.

Amadeus is a play told from the point of view of Antonio Salieri, a court composer in Vienna who becomes angry at God for gifting Mozart with such musical talent that it becomes his mission to destroy him. It is a fantastic play about jealousy and what it can do to turn a person so ugly.

I really enjoyed the play and the experience of being at the Rep. It is a vastly different experience watching a play here when compared to a theater as large as the Fox. One observation, though, we were probably one of the youngest people there, by ten years. I could have been the play or maybe it’s just the Rep. Who knows? Either way, I will have to remember to check out what other plays will be going on there in the future.

Mikey, thanks for the tickets!

One thought on ““Amadeus” at the Rep

  1. Glad you enjoyed the show, Jen. We’re really quite proud of this production.

    Our audience overall does tend to be a little older, but on any given night, you’ll see quite a mix of folks. It’s always fun to see teenagers in the lobby at intermission discussing a show with patrons in their 50s and 60s.

    Hope we can welcome you back to the theatre soon. Tickets start at just $15-$18 most nights and, as you’ve noticed, there’s really not a bad seat in the house. Thanks for writing about us!

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