It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a…Police Chopper?

Here I was, lying in bed, watching TV, minding my own business, when I heard racket outside our bedroom window, sounding vaguely like a tractor or a large lawn mower. I tried to ignore the noise but it soon became louder and closer. I called to Bob to ask him what was going on and as soon as he walked in, I saw it. It was a FREAKIN’ HELICOPTER landing in St. Richard’s field, right behind our house. Of course, I thought, “Holy crap, it’s a manhunt!” (I mean, really, it was the most logical thought). We grabbed the camera, bolted out the backdoor, scrambled up our 5 foot retaining wall, and burst through the brush to see the police shoot the fugitive down. In hindsight, maybe this wasn’t such a smart idea. I mean, the fugitive could have used me as a shield, bargaining chip or murdered me. (Okay, I NEED to stop watching L&O: SVU.)

Well, luckily, that was not the situation. Instead, St. Richard’s was having its parish picnic and the St. Louis County Police came by to visit and let the kids see a helicopter up close. Bob and I were like giddy schoolchildren and asked the pilot some questions and even took our picture in front of it:

Hey, no comments about our attire, like I said, I was lying in bed when this event occurred. I really didn’t have any time to put on something more attractive, I didn’t want to miss manhunt.

Afterwards, we went back home and putzed around the house until we heard the chopper start up again a few hours later. Of course, I wasn’t going to miss a helicopter take off, from essentially my backyard so I ran back outside and up and over the retaining wall. It was totally worth it, we got a great video:

That’s right, we’re dorks. Accept it. Yep, that was our exciting Saturday morning. Woo-hoo.

One thought on “It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a…Police Chopper?

  1. That actually DOES sound like a REALLY exciting Saturday (wow, my definition of “excitement” has changed since becoming a parent!)

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