Not So Original, Glamour, Not So Original

I am a Glamour subscriber only because Bob has all these boyish magazine subscriptions, I wanted one that was girly to call my own. Since the only people who read this blog are my friends, they know that I take forever to read my magazines, whether it’s Newsweek, Entertainment Weekly, Cooking Light, etc. I am way backlogged on my magazines. Because I’m such a slacker, I’m probably the only person who would have caught this little cover shoot replication. The magazine cover on the left is from the October 2009 issue while the cover on the right is from November of 2008. That’s right, almost one year. Really? There is not enough clothing or poses that they could have used? Okay, so they are not identical but, come on. They are too similar, so unoriginal. I know that they say in fashion, everything old will be new again, but in just one year? I’m a bit disappointed.

One thought on “Not So Original, Glamour, Not So Original

  1. Though I no longer read that magazine, I used to have a subscriptiong. And I swear that I would sometimes read the EXACT SAME ARTICLE. Or, at least parts of it were exactly the same as something that had been printed before.

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