Supper Club: September 23, 3009

Appetizer: Parmesan Bread Stars. They can also be known as mini-pizzas. They were super simple and tasty. And the fun part is that you can make them out of any shape you want! I’m thinking holiday-themed appetizers! Yay!

Entree: Almond/Asparagus Pilaf Bowls with Sesame-Soy Chicken. This was the first time that my rice cooker cooked anything other than plain rice in it. I thought this was an interesting way to serve rice, it was full of complex flavors. I was intrigued by the use of lemongrass but for some reason, that flavor didn’t seem to come out in the rice. (Note: if you need fresh lemongrass, go to Whole Foods.) Even though the chicken only marinated in the soy sauce mixture for about 20-30 minutes, the chicken was flavorful and delicious when cooked. Now, when the recipe said “red pepper flakes to taste,” go with a pinch, because that is more than enough.

Side Dish: Garlicky Green Beans. Super simple green bean recipe. I thought the green beans were a bit bland, not very garlicky at all but I think I may not have used enough. Next time, I won’t be afraid to use more garlic, enough to scare away the vampires!

Dessert: Bittersweet Chocolate Souffles. Oh, my. What a delicious dessert. Rich, creamy, perfect in every which way. I don’t need to say anything else about it.

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