Last Wineries Trip of 2009

Before I talk about our trip to the wineries, I have to mention that I was lucky enough to see one of my old roommates and good friend from college on Sunday. She was coming to St. Louis for a meeting and we got to get together for lunch at Pi. Since I wasn’t able to see her get married this summer, I was excited to be able to spend what little time I had with her. I got to hear all about her wedding and honeymoon, saw some pictures and caught up on life in general. She’s super-great and we just have so much fun together, I’ll have to make it out to DC to see her and her husband in the near future.

Okay, my review on Pi. Pi has been on my radar for a while now but I had never gotten the chance to go…until today. It’s an artisan pizza place that serves deep dish and thin crust pizzas. It also has an extensive wine list. We decided to order a small “Bucktown” deep dish pizza and large “The Hill” thin crust pizza to share. Both were delicious and did not disappoint. This place lives up to the hype. If you’re looking for a place that serves unique and yummy pizzas, you have to try Pi. It could be my new favorite pizza place, rivaling Dewey’s. I guess it all depends on what I’m looking for on a particular day.

Now, on to the wineries. After we had lunch with Erin, Bob and I drove down to Blumenhof and met the Peimanns, the Dukes and the Wagners for some good wine, good conversations and good weather. It has been dreary and ugly for the past week and so we all jumped on the opportunity to be outside.

The great thing about Blumenhof is that you are allowed to bring in your own food, which is a big reason why we go there. They had a two-person band playing today and so we got some live music as well.

We then traveled to Montelle for the Himmelswein and the beautiful view on the bluffs. Plus, Montelle was opened an hour later than the rest of the wineries and we weren’t done drinking just yet.

It was a perfect, autumn day. Our last trip down to Augusta before winter sets in St. Louis. Hella awesome.

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