Supper Club: Dinner and a Show

Ever since Bob and I went to the Rep, I’ve been on the prowl for a new production to attend. We got bit by the live theatre bug. Browsing through something, I don’t remember if it was online or a paper or what, but I saw that Stray Dog Theatre was putting on “Into the Woods.” I had heard that musical was the Grimm’s fairy tales on crack and for $20, totally worth it to see. I gathered up the Supper Club and away we went!

Because it is a Supper Club event, you know we had to try a new restaurant. Katie chose The Shaved Duck and it was amazing. It’s a small restaurant, with dark wood paneling, a pretty big bar and live music. It seems like a great place for a first date. Lately, I’ve been on this duck kick, as in ordering duck whenever I have a chance. This menu included a half duck, roasted and I was all over that. When dinner was served, I was a bit taken aback by what was set in front of me: half a duck. It looked like someone took a duck carcass, cut it in half, roasted it and served it. It was insane! I had to give it to Bob to carve it up because I was a bit freaked out.. Once he did that though, I tasted it, it was delicious, the meat was moist, the skin was crisp and flavorful. I loved it. I mean, really, how often are you able to get duck? It came with a side of caramelized onion mashed potatoes that I could have just kept on eating. So good. Katie and Kim split the Big Jimmy Sampler, Kate had the Duck and Bleu Cheese Flatbread, Bob had the Pork Loin and my sister went with the Pulled Chicken Sandwich. There were definitely no complaints from anyone at the table.

Afterwards, we headed down to Tower Grove Abbey to watch Into the Woods. What was neat about this production is that it was held in a small abbey, giving it an intimate feeling. The abbey held about 150 people so there was not a bad seat in the place. I thought it was pretty cool, watching community theatre. I’ve really only watched professional theatre and so it was a different experience watching “regular” people on stage. Of course, there are vast differences in the quality between community and professional, and that’s definitely reflected in the price. I can say, though, that it was fun and enjoyable. As for the musical itself, I thought the story was interesting and funny, the first act was definitely better than the second act.

Support the local arts, support your local restaurants. It’s a fun adventure.

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