A Girls Weekend in Houston

Three weekends ago, Amanda, Katie and I packed our bags and headed down to sunny, dry Houston to have a girls weekend with Miss Monika. So, what do three girls from St. Louis do all weekend?

As soon as we got off the plane Friday morning, we went for some good Texas barbeque:

Goode Barbeque Company was a definite place to go. It’s a good sign when there’s a line out the door for this place. Apparently, Goode Company is known for its brisket so I had to try it on their jalapeno bread. Amazing, loved my sandwich.

Then we all decided to soak up some sun:

Of course, lazying about for four hours makes women hungry so off we went to Starr Pizza:

Another great suggestion by Monika (it’s good to have someone who knows where to get good local food). This is not your ordinary pepperoni pizza joint. It’s what you would call “alternative” pizza.

Because of all the calories we consumed, we decided that the best way to burn it off is to paint the town red:

We started off with blue margaritas at El Patio:

(This place had a painting of a naked woman hidden behind a curtain. The painting only comes out at night! Literal term of “Lady of the Night.”)

Then we got our “boot-scootin” on at Whiskey Creek, a country bar. Okay, so it’s more of an upscale, trendy country bar so there really weren’t any real cowboys hanging around but it was still fun. I got a couple of line dances in and Amanda and Katie got a little souvenir to remember the evening, all it cost them was their soul (just kidding, it was a shot of tequila):

Saturday was a shopping day. We devoted the entire day making monetary offerings to the Premium Outlets gods. There is something about being on vacation and spending money, there are no restrictions, no guilt whatsoever. but shopping does make one hungry and we had to have Mexican food so away we went to Lupe Tortilla where they are known to have fantastic beef fajitas. That statement has never been truer, my friend.

Sunday came around too soon but we still had time to devour some crepes at Cocos Crepes. But the icing on the weekend would have to be Hank’s Ice Cream. This place was talked about all weekend and we weren’t leaving until we had some ice cream. I got the banana pudding ice cream and I probably could have eaten the entire tub. It had Nilla wafers in it! How awesome was that? Hank’s, do you think you can ship some up to the Lou? It would be totally worth the shipping costs!

So, really what you can take away from this post is that we ate our entire weekend, but that’s okay, calories don’t count when you’re on vacation.

Monika, thank you for having us, you were such a fantastic hostess and friend! I had such a blast! Having a girls weekend in another city just takes it to a whole new level. We’ll have to do this more often.

For the rest of our pictures of the weekend, just click here.

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