Ride I-64, Part Deux

Regular readers will note that around this time last year, we got to ride our bikes on the soon-to-be opened portion of Highway 40 / I-64. Now, with the second phase of the project opening tomorrow, Yao, Sheena, Kenny, Jen and I were afforded the same opportunity on the stretch from Hanley Rd. to Kingshighway. Overcast again, it was quite a bit colder and windier today, but once we got on the road, we warmed up significantly.

The ride from Hanley to Kingshighway and back was a pretty easy one. Maybe 5 miles each way, there were hills, but it wasn’t too strenuous. Plus, when else can you get a view of the highway from up close on a bike? Regarding the highway itself, it looked great. It is much straighter and more level than the previous one, and the interchanges look like they were given the proper amount of thought. This ought to make my commute a lot nicer.

Afterwards, we got Spicy Beef Noodle Stew at Shu Feng in U. City, one of Yao and Sheena’s favorite places. Hella tasty! We’ll definitely be going back there.

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  1. That was all Bob’s fault. He posted the pics in the post because there was only 4 of them and forgot to delete the last line. Slacker.

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