Supper Club: December 9, 2009

Appetizer: Artichoke and Red Pepper Pizza. A fantastic appetizer to start off the meal. I have been on an artichoke kick lately and this was delish. The only complaint I had was that the bottom of the pizza, towards the middle, did not brown like I’m accustomed to. I wonder if that had anything to do with not using a pizza stone.

Entree: Angel Hair with Scallops in White Wine Butter. Because Katie could not make it, Kim opted for a seafood dish. Such a generous person, she bought the biggest scallops I had ever seen! The pasta had such a light flavor, it didn’t overwhelm the scallops and the wilted spinach gave the dish some nice texture. It was a great dinner.

Dessert: Carrot Cake with Toasted Coconut Cream Cheese Frosting. In honor of Bob’s birthday, Kate chose his favorite cake, carrot cake. Moist, flavorful, amazing, even slightly healthier for you, this cake is replacing my other carrot cake recipe. Note on the frosting, Kate doubled the cream cheese and butter but left the rest of ingredient measurements the same. She didn’t want the frosting too sweet and I agree with that.

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