Supper Club: Olympia Kebab House

This week, Kate decided to go out to eat and chose Olympia Kebab House because she was feeling Greek that day, which is weird since she doesn’t have an ounce of Greek blood in her (tee-hee, I made a funny). She thought to visit one of her old haunts from back in the day, throw in a bit of nostalgia with Supper Club.

When you go for Greek food, you have to have the saganaki (flaming cheese). I mean, really, they light the cheese on fire and yell “Opa!” The cheese is good, but you really order it for the show. I also ordered the spanakopita (spinach pitas) as an appetizer. There was a bit more spinach than I was expecting but since I’m a fan of spinach, it was good.

For an entree, Bob ordered the dolmades and I ordered the moussaka. Both were delicious but I was a bit surprised that I actually saw them nuke our dishes in the microwaves. I know that most restaurants use the microwave but still, I don’t want to see it. Not that our dinners were terrible, it just took some of the mystique out of it. Everyone enjoyed their dishes as well, which included chicken kebabs and gyros.

The service wasn’t too bad either but it wasn’t the most attentive. That won’t put me off from coming back again, though. Don’t be expecting a high-falutin’ atmosphere: Olympia is a typical neighborhood joint with a Greek twist. Tasty and honest.

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