Rooster, The Restaurant

Bob and I had the opportunity to check out Rooster down in the city for lunch on Sunday. We don’t really ever venture downtown to eat, not because there aren’t any good restaurants (because there are quite a few I want to try), because we are super-lazy. When it was suggested, we jumped at the chance.

This is by no means a big restaurant, when we got there around 12:30, there was still at 20 minute wait. I have to say, it was worth it. It’s a colorful, small restaurant, with bits of fun decor all around. I ordered the chai latte which was excellent. They serve the coffee in clear mugs which is clever so the wait staff can see if you need a coffee refill. Because I was in a breakfast mood, I ordered the Breakfast Burrito crepe. I really enjoyed the fresh “salsa” on top of the crepe. (In actuality, it was more like chopped tomatoes and onions, rather than salsa. It did have the salsa flavoring, though.) The crepe was good, nothing spectacular with the flavor combinations, it was a straightforward breakfast in a crepe. I was a bit disappointed with the potatoes, they were a bit overcooked so it had a burnt taste to them. Now, Bob had ordered the MO Made German Style Sausage #2 and he loved it. The apples and apple cider with the sausages. Fantastic. There are some other crepes that looked yummy so I’ll be coming back to try something different, maybe a sweet crepe next time.

This will definitely be a place I will have to take the girls to, so we can sit, eat crepes and go shopping but I’ll definitely wait until it warms up a bit.

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