Supper Club: January 13, 2010

Appetizer: Teton Tarts. Little bite-sized goodness. I made the mistake of buying Grands biscuits so when I tried to separate the layers of biscuits, some came out fatter than others so some of the tarts did not bake through. So, make sure you buy the regular biscuits (and really, I don’t think it has to be buttermilk biscuits, any sort of refrigerated flaky biscuit dough will do just fine). Shoot, while waiting for the tarts to bake, we had some of the filling on Triscuits, it was that good.

Entree: Baked Meatballs. Excellent meatballs! They were flavorful and filling. Incorporating spinach in a ball of meat is definitely a great way to get the kids (or Bob) to eat their vegetables. Katie does suggest making the recipe beforehand and letting them rest before baking them.

Side Dishes: Panko-Almond-Crusted Goat Cheese Salad and Roast Butter Potatoes. I would have to say, this is one of the prettier salads I’ve had. The color of the strawberries definitely popped off the plate. The combination of goat cheese and strawberries enhanced each other’s flavors. Kim opted not to make the dressing but instead bought some. I would have to say, though, 1-2 pieces of goat cheese was more than enough for each bowl.

Dessert: Pina Colada Cupcakes. Kate is sick of the weather so she brought a bit of the Caribbean to the Midwest, in the form of rum. Super-moist cupcakes with bits of pineapple in each bite. Fantastic. She even tackled the arduous task of making buttercream frosting (which is a pain to do). She used Alton Brown’s buttercream frosting recipe and it turned out pretty good.

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