What a Way to Kick off the New Year

This is exactly what I wanted for the beginning of 2010: bitterly, bitterly cold weather, followed by a possible 6-8 inches of snow. And it’s only Wednesday. Wonderful. I’m definitely not looking forward to driving in this tomorrow morning, I guess that means I’ll be hitching a ride with the hubby in his newly fixed SUV (in which we had to fork over $400 to fix this week). Fun times. I’m totally jealous of the people who will be having a snow day. Boo on you.

One thought on “What a Way to Kick off the New Year

  1. I concur! Boo on them! I still had to dig my car out and get my ass to work. No help from my husband who was still in bed. Maybe he’ll shovel the driveway. . . what do you think?

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