Super Bowl Party: Get Ur Pork On!

If you know our group of friends, you know that if there is one thing that we love to do, it is eat. Last year, we had a Chili Cook-Off for our Super Bowl party. This year, we decided to go with pulled pork for our competition element, as pulled pork is friggin’ awesome.

Our spread was mighty, with five people competing for the pulled pork title. Additionally, we had Andrew’s soup, Kevin’s homemade spaghetti, Yao’s spare rib sandwiches and assorted veggies, fruits, and desserts. The judging was tight, with 5 close contenders. While all of the porks were tasty, one chef emerged as victor: Colin. Congrats, and remember: Respect Thy Swine!

In addition to the food and the company, the game was pretty good as well. The Saints won and everyone was pretty OK with that. Woooo!!!!

Click here to see all the pics. Next year, we’re thinking a dip-off, so get your dip recipes perfected, you’ve only got a year until D-Day (dip day)!

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