Another Lost Dog

Thursday night, Kuma was sitting quietly at her corner, keeping vigilant on the comings and goings of the neighborhood dogs and critters when suddenly she started going insane. This was not your usual “How dare you walk in front of my house” barking but it was more of a “Omigod, omigod, omigod! You’re on my lawn, get of of my lawn!” She kept up her crazy barking and smooshing her face in the window, I finally got up to check out the situation. I opened the door to see this little guy on my walkway, so of course, I go and pick him up. The little guy was so terrified, he was shaking. After a couple of minutes of cooing and snuggling him (he is a fantastic hugger), he finally relaxed a bit and I brought him in. Well what do you know? No collar. Why am I not surprised? Why are owners so irresponsible? Grrr. This absolutely makes my job so much harder.

When Bob got home, we drove around for 45 minutes, looking for people who looked like they were looking for this tiny, tiny animal. No luck, though. Katie was our savior and loaned us her cat carrier for the night so we could keep him from peeing around the house and from Kuma thinking that he was a moving squeaky toy.

I took him to Animal Control the next day to see if he was microchipped and sadly, he wasn’t so I had to leave him behind. Hopefully, his owners will be smart enough to call looking for this little cutie-pie.

You can’t win them all. Running total: 7 families reunited, 1 still lost.

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