Arcelia’s in Lafayette Square

Saturday night we ventured out of our county cocoon and went to Arcelia’s for dinner. We have talked constantly about this place for years and we had never gone. We’ve also talked to people who’ve been there and raved about it. So, Saturday, we pulled the trigger.

Arcelia’s is located in Lafayette Square in a converted house and adjacent building. Because of it’s location, you would think that it would be a bit upscale with it’s decor, but that is not the case. It’s decor is eclectic and unpretentious, giving this restaurant the “local neighborhood” vibe.

Once we were seated, we were served hot chips and salsa. I thought the salsa was delicious. It wasn’t chunky and it had some heat on it. You don’t realize the spiciness of it until after you’ve eaten it, it sneaks up on you. But it’s so good, I think I ate about three baskets of chips and salsa. The menu is what you would traditionally see at Mexican restaurants but there were some intriguing items that I’ve never seen before which really made me happy. I mean, there were cactus strips, pasole, and mole, just to name a few. I had the sour cream enchiladas, which is exactly what it sounds like: sour cream filled enchiladas (okay, it had some other cheeses in it as well). I was a little disappointed that there was no protein in the dish but that was no one’s fault but my own, I had assumed that it was enchiladas smothered in sour cream. Bob followed his rule of new restaurants: the first time you go a place, get the dish named after the restaurant. He ordered Arcelia’s Tamale Plate and really enjoyed it. We all ended up with different different dishes and overall, everyone seemed to be happy with their dishes. I would definitely go back (but will order something else). So, good recommendation.

Afterwards, we popped down to Square One for some beers and ice cream. I had the root beer float — that’s kind of like beer, right? Good times!

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