This Ain’t Your Momma’s Craft Fair

What does one do on a cold, dreary, wet Sunday afternoon? Attend a craft fair, of course! We had to support our friend’s sister as she peddled her wares at the Indie Craft Revolution. Now this is definitely the type of craft show that I love. There were no painted Santa gourds or knitted hats for your goose statuette. There was cool shit there. Jewelry, buttons, tee-shirts, artwork, all the things that appeal to the inner indie in me. I bought myself a pair of earrings and had to hold back or else I would have bought more. It felt great supporting the local artists.

Afterwards, we all went to Pi for lunch and didn’t even realize that it was Pi Day. How apropos. If you haven’t been there yet, you have to go! The pizzas there are amazing. My favorites are the deep dish pizzas. I know, I know, Chicago has the best deep dish pizzas, but these rank right up there. Four of us were adventurous and had the Bucktown and the Delmar deep dish pizzas while a thin crust pepperoni pizza was ordered for the three less adventurous ones.

The girls decided that they wanted to do a little shopping in the Loop and so we wandered up and down the street, checking out the shops. And of course, we had to stop at FroYo for some healthy snacking. It’s a frozen yogurt shop where you dish how much you want and choose from a plethora of toppings. You pay for it by the ounce. It is now my new favorite ice cream place and I will be frequenting it often when it opens in my neck of the woods. We all made a pact that if ever one of us has the craving, we will be texting one another for a froyo run.

Craft fair, pizza, frozen yogurt, shopping, friends…that definitely is a great way to spend a icky Sunday afternoon.

2 thoughts on “This Ain’t Your Momma’s Craft Fair

  1. OK, so I mentioned this on Twitter, but I gotta reiterate. The crossed pistols motif is OVER. It died when I saw it on the back of a western shirt in kid sizes. Also: pistol pillows. What is wrong with you people? Just because you can find cool old woodblock prints that are in the public domain doesn’t mean you need to letterpress that shit.

    To the lady that was selling crossed pistol letter-pressed stationary that said “St. Lou – The Wild Wild Midwest”: YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. Maybe you shouldn’t be juxtaposing gun imagery and a sense of lawlessness with the place where you live. I’m sure you and your hipster friends would really love to be accosted by gun toting fiends at all hours.

  2. This is a metaphor for almost all forms of acumen these days.

    Music, film, design, all over! The democratization of design and production so far has led to a flood of piss poor products and the unfortunate side effect is that our culture is being diluted at an ever increasing scale.

    Heres to hoping our namesakes will pick up on it and reverse course.

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