This Is Why You Haven’t Heard From Us

That is me. Lying on the futon. Which is currently on the floor in the living room. The futon (or giant dog bed) was originally dragged out when we got back from our vacation in order to watch the second week of the Olympics. And it has not moved since. This was a big mistake. I can’t get anything done. I mean, as soon as I get home, it just calls to me, telling me to lay down on it and snuggle with it because it’s been lonely all day. I can’t resist it, I have no willpower. Bob will come home and see me just lounging on it or napping away, not a care in the world. Does it bother me that there is trash strewn about the house, the dishes haven’t been washed in a week or that our dirty laundry pile has avalanched and now we can’t find Kuma? Nope, I’m good right here.

My name is Jen and I’m lazy.

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