A St. Louis Tradition

We know, we’re not Catholic, but something compels us to attend a fish fry each Lent. There is something that tells us we must consume fried fish and drink beer in a crowded church hall.

Last year a bunch of us went to St. Richards for their fish fry and we repeated that act again this year. The reason why we chose this location is that it’s super-close to our house and we don’t have to fight for parking. All we have to do is trespass a neighbor’s yard. The police can’t arrest us for walking under the influence. Well, this year, I ended up gorging on cornbread and fried cod (the cornbread was like a dessert, very addictive) while Bob kept going back for more fries. A friend ordered the catfish and apparently it was the better choice. I’ll have to remember that next year.

If you have never experienced a fish fry in St. Louis during Lent, it’s a must. If not for the food, then for the fact that you will smell like fried food long after leaving.

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