Ladies Night

Another year, another NCAA Tourney. So, of course, the ladies decided to go out and have some fun while the men are preoccupied (glued to the TV or setting things on fire, whatever men do). This year, we decided to try Roxanne. Amanda had heard about this little room above with pillows and we were all for it. Pros: it was sheltered from the loud crowd and attentive service. Cons: cramped with 6 girls and you’re sitting on the floor. I do have to say, it was a bit cozy but not too bad. Next time, less people in the room.

While we were in the room, the service was excellent, drinks were refilled, orders were taken quickly. Once we left the room and sat out in the dining area (another lady joined us and no way in hell were we going to fit 7 in that space), the service quickly went downhill. Our waitress pretty much disappeared and we had to constantly flag down other waitresses in order to get served drinks.

I ordered the goat cheese and mushroom pizza and really thought they were a bit heavy-handed with the mushrooms and not enough goat cheese. The girls who ordered the tuna special raved about it, the Thai calamari was delicious and there were no complaints about the Italian sausage pizza. So, I would say that overall, the food was good, but it may not be good enough for me to go back due to the poor service.

I can’t wait until next year to see where we go to next!

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