Annie’s Angels Trivia Night

Saturday night, the Trivia Dream Team (my parents and sister, the Galles, Katie, Jen and myself) went to a trivia night in St. Charles to benefit The March of Dimes. After our disappointing showing at Breaths for Blake 2010, we were looking to get back on the winning track and this was the perfect venue. We started out strong and never looked back, taking a small lead in the third round and hanging on to the end, only to be caught by table two in the tenth round. Our final score was 90 points (out of 100), but our tiebreaker guess was 86 points and table two guessed 84, so we won!

Yay! Seriously, it felt really good to win again. We were beginning to wonder if we had lost our touch. But onto the important stuff: Jen and I brought chocolate chip cookies and chicken parm bites. Tom and Debbie came in with their famous guacamole and a beer bread that was made with Sprite instead of beer. Cheese, crackers, salami, non-pareils, and mini-muffins rounded out the spread. Tasty!

The categories were a fun mix as well:

  • TV Threesomes (Given 3 characters, name the show)
  • Sports (a surprisingly diverse and challenging sports category)
  • “Baby,” I love this song! (Songs with the word “Baby”)
  • Questions and Manswers (Stereotypically manly questions)
  • Potpurri
  • Freeze Frame (Guess the animated movie by a single image)
  • Reality Check (Reality TV questions)
  • Who’s Bad? (Michael Jackson trivia — Jen has the “Free Wily” song on lockdown!)
  • Get your mind out of the gutter (Double entendres – Sample answer: Lake Titicaca. Of course we dominated this category.)
  • Bar exam (Mixology)

As you can see, the categories were diverse. And since there wasn’t a Presidents category, we had a chance to win. Of course, we did miss the one president-related question. Anyway. It was a fun night and a good cause. We win a trivia night and I got this posted in the same month. Things really are getting back to normal.

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