Supper Club: April 14, 2010

Appetizer: Cheese-Filled Triangles. This was a simple version of a spanakopita recipe that I already have and it was almost as good. It does have quite a bit of spinach in it but you really aren’t overwhelmed by the flavor. I did take a couple of reviewers suggestions: I sprayed one sheet with Pam, folded it into thirds before spooning a heaping tablespoon of the spinach mixture onto it and then folded it into a triangle. It yielded bigger triangles. Next time, I may make them more bite-sized by splitting a sheet of phyllo dough in half and then doing the folding. You will have to watch the time in the oven, I did notice that it baked faster than the time suggested.

Entree: Grilled Flank Steak with Avocado Relish. I really enjoyed the citrus of the lime juice on the steak and the avocado relish was light and flavorful, it complimented the steak wonderfully. I think it would be a great dish to serve at a summer party.

Side Dish: Italian Grilled Zucchini and Red Onion. I thought this was a very straight-forward grilled vegetable recipe. The mint was accidentally left out of the dish so I wonder if that would have enhanced the flavor of the dish.

Dessert: Mocha Fudge Bread Pudding. This recipe uses coffee but it doesn’t come across when eaten, it’s very fudgy. I definitely agree with the recipe, you must eat it when it’s warm so it’s gooey. With bread puddings in the past, I notice that they seem to come out soggy but this has been the least soggiest recipe yet. I would try this dessert again, maybe even cut down on the sugar.

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