Supper Club: June 16, 2010

This past week’s Supper Club was plagued by some sort of illness that only the Sherron siblings contracted so Katie so graciously hosted (I mean, really, we didn’t want their cooties).

Appetizer: Sweet and Savory Strawberry Bruschetta. The strawberries have been fantastic lately so Kim took advantage and whipped up some amazing bruschetta. I couldn’t stop eating them, I just do enjoy goat cheese with strawberries.

Entree: Roast Chicken with Balsamic Bell Peppers. This was a quick recipe that ended up with a moist chicken and delicious bell peppers. I do have say, the chicken was a bit bland so you had to eat the bell peppers with it to get some flavor. I think next time I will put some more rub on the chicken before cooking it.

Side Dish: Parmesan-Crumb Broccoli. A fancy way to serve broccoli. Solid recipe.

Dessert: Apple, Goat Cheese and Honey Tartlets. Here is another recipe that combines goat cheese, fruit and honey. I must have missed the theme this week. Another successful combination. The tartness of the goat cheese is cut by the sweetness of the apples and slight drizzle of honey. And they are adorable to look at as well.

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