Supper Club: June 2, 2010

With Kate working furiously for the Phoenix ComicCon, we hadn’t seen her in a month and with Monika living it up in Houston, she hasn’t been to a Supper Club in a quite a while. But last night, we had a full house with both of them returning! Hurray!

Appetizer: Pico de Gallo/Guacamole. Absolutely fantastic and easy guacamole. I really liked mixing the pico de gallo with the avocados. I have a feeling I will be eating a lot more of this dip this summer. Thank goodness avocados are good fats.

Entree: Monika’s Famous Enchiladas. We love, love, love her enchiladas. Really, no one makes them as well as she does and so whenever she’s here, we tend to request them. She actually makes them in casserole form which works just as well, so much easier to put together.

Side Dishes: Cilantro Lime Rice and Elote. The rice was delicious, especially when you mix it in with the enchiladas. I loved the color, it just looked so festive and not like boring rice. Now, I have never had mayo on corn before and surprisingly, it wasn’t bad. The spices blended well and cumin was really pronounced. I liked it.

Dessert: Strawberry Shortcake Cookies. The taste of strawberry shortcakes, in cookie form! The consistency of the cookies were more like scones but still tasted great. You are able to taste the fresh strawberries and they weren’t lost in the dough. I had a couple for breakfast the next day.

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