July 3rd Celebration

Here’s how you kick off the Fourth of July weekend: you go out with girls, see some fireworks, meet up with the boys and then karaoke the night away.

The girls got all gussied up and went out to Sugo’s for some wine and dinner.

One of the girls had heard that the pizza was delicious and it was decided, pizza it is. While some did order the pizza, I ordered the chicken piccata special, which I ended up splitting my dinner with Monika (she had a pizza). I do have to say that the recommendation was correct, the pizza was delicious. The chicken piccata was good but I wasn’t raving that I would need to order this dish again. It was a pretty laid back atmosphere and I will be coming back for more.

After dinner, we all headed downtown to see the fireworks and that was pretty much a coordination nightmare. The game was letting out, traffic was hellacious, there were people everywhere. One car of girls gave up and headed to the bar in the county, but we trudged on. The boys ended up coming down but that was a bitch meeting up with them. I spent more time worrying here Bob was, I missed quite a bit of the display. We will not be doing that next year.

Since the fireworks ended before ten, the night was still young so we all fought the traffic back to the county where we found the other car of girls. There we drank, sang, drank, talked, sang and drank even more.

Good times, people, good times. And we still had two more days off! Hell yeah!

Here are the rest of the pictures.

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