Ladies’ Day at the Driving Range

One of the nice things about having a PGA professional for a friend is that when your wife and her friends want some golf lessons, you’re off the hook! Colin came out to the range and gave a beginner’s clinic for Jen, Katie, Sarah and Amanda on Saturday morning and I tagged along to hit a few myself. I was also the left-handed grip helper for Jen and Sarah, since they stand on the wrong side of the ball. Despite this, Jen’s natural form is a true sight to behold:

Each girl showed their own unique golfing style. And while some ended up with blisters (in fact, one might say that Katie’s entire golfing style is predicated on obtaining blisters), we all had a good time. The blisters and sunburns were well-earned, as was the celebratory Smoothie King afterwards.

2 thoughts on “Ladies’ Day at the Driving Range

  1. Hey! What exactly did you mean by “predicated on obtaining blisters”?? Colin said it was all the club’s fault and I’m sticking with that!!

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