Supper Club: June 23, 2010

Appetizer: Sweet-n-Salty honey Cheese Spread. A lovely goat cheese log, drizzled with honey. Since we had this flavor combination last week, we knew that this appetizer would be a success. And it was.

Entree: Pork Steaks. Delicious, St. Louis specialty.

Side Dish: Rosemary Grilled Potatoes and Rich and Charlie’s Salad. This is my go-to grilled potatoes recipe. I’ve made this in the past, it’s fabulous. The go-to salad, I love this salad.

Dessert: Riesling Syrup Cake. This cake did not impress me. It was dry and I was put off by the gritty texture. That’s really too bad because it was pretty.

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