Second Game of the Year

Fireworks Night!

This was the best way to kick of the Labor Day weekend, a night at the ballpark with friends. Can you believe this was only our second game that we went to? How sad is that?

Nice Seats

Our seats were down on the third base line, compliments of the Marcantels. I actually witnessed Cardinal fans booing, yes booing. Of course, it was not at anyone on our team, it was solely directed at Brandon Phillips. The crowd even encouraged people to throw back any foul balls he had hit. One person did not and he/she was booed, another did and was cheered but then immediately ejected from the stadium. Not really fair, is it? In the end, all that really mattered was that we won! Yay, a winning game!

Afterwards, we stuck around for the fireworks display, a first for me at Busch Stadium. I do have to say, it was neat-o. They turned off the lights and had a fireworks display with the Arch in the background. I love me some fireworks!

Busch Stadium Fireworks

Busch Stadium Fireworks

Busch Stadium Fireworks

Thank you Krissy and Kenny for a wonderful evening!

Here are some more pictures from the evening.

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