FPC Trivia Night 2010

We penciled in this edition of the FPC Youth Group Trivia Night well ahead of time to avoid some of the scheduling conflicts that have plagued us in the past. Thankfully, we were able to get the Trivia Dream Team (Katie, Kim, Jen, myself and my parents) together to put together another run at the trivia title.

In addition to being an alumnus of the youth group, this trivia night is one of our favorites because of the time and creativity used in coming up with the theme and the question categories (plus we win it frequently). This year, the theme was all about movies. One category required you to name the movie when provided a famous quote. Another had us match the movie with the original book it was based upon. Movie theme songs and freeze-frames were popular categories as well.

Overall, our performance was solid, and the food we brought fit the bill nicely (mmm … bacon-wrapped potato bites) but we came up just short of total victory as my old friend Kara and her table beat us by a point. We settled for a respectable second place, and look forward to redeeming ourselves in the spring

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