Halloween Supper Club

It’s that time of year again: pumpkin carving! I love Fall and pumpkin carving kicks off the holiday season! This year we had quite a few participants (which meant more roasted pumpkin seeds, yum!). Check out these fancy works of art:

Kenny’s Jack Skeleton
Kenny's Jack Skellington Pumpkin

Krissy’s Gus-Gus
Krissy's Gus Gus Pumpkin

Kim’s Pac-Man Board
Kim's Pac Man Pumpkin

Kari’s Goofy Pumpkin
Keri's Goofy Shortbus Pumpkin

Kate’s Cerberus
Kate's Cerberus Puppy Pumpkin

Chris’s Pissed Off Pumpkin
Chris's Happy / Mad Pumpkin

Jen’s Creepy Pumpkin
Jen's Creepy Pumpkin

Amanda’s Scared Pumpkin
Amanda's Creeped-Out Pumpkin

Katie’s Spider
Katie's Spider Pumpkin

Bob’s Angry Birds
Bob's Angry Birds Pumpkin

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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