Sauktoberfest 2010!


A while back, there was a Groupon for G&W Sausage. Because the men in our group have the emotional age / sense of humor of a 12-year-old boy, we decided to buy a bunch of those Groupons and have a Sausagefest. Kenny came up with the brilliant idea of hosting it and combining it with an Oktoberfest celebration and the party was on. Due to our insane scheduling requirements, we planned this months ahead on the only available October Saturday, and that turned out to be on the evening of the Mizzou / Oklahoma game. So, yeah. Basically, this was the perfect storm of parties.

We started out with a trip to G&W. That place is basically meat heaven. There were so many styles of sausage to choose from that we needed a complimentary Busch in a camo can to help with the decision. Perfect.

Once we got the meat, we descended on the Marcantel household. I had swung by early to help Kenny set up his projector for the Mizzou / OU game. When the game started with a kickoff return for a Mizzou touchdown, we knew we had a big hit on our hands.

Mizzou on the projector. Oh yeah.

There was plenty of beer …

Shooting the Breeze

… food …


… and basketball for all.


The Mizzou game ended with the good guys on top and the goal posts coming down, but the real stars of the evening were the sausages.

Heatin' up

Let me just say that the sausages from G&W were the best that I have ever had. The variety of styles was a nice departure from our normal burgers / brats / steaks / pork steaks grilling menu — you could eat pretty much whatever you were in the mood for. Additionally, Colin brought a reuben dip that you scoop onto mini rye-toasts that was awesome.

Long story short: Sauktoberfest 2010 was a big hit. We’ll be looking forward to next year’s edition, and pretty much any other reason to go to G&W. Click here for the rest of the pictures.

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