Supper Club: September 29, 2010

Italian Nuthouse Broiled Tomatoes
Appetizer: Italian Nuthouse Broiled Tomatoes. Over the weekend, I picked up some awesome EVOO and I wanted to highlight it’s amazing taste. This recipe is great, especially if you like bruschetta but you’re afraid of carbs. The olive oil that I had did not even need any of the added herbs, it was already infused with them. Fabulous.
Hot Wing Melt, Niçoise Salad, Mashed Sweet Potatoes
Entree: Hot Wing Melts. It’s hot wings, in sandwich form! I would definitely recommend it if you’re in the mood for hot wings but not interested in the mess.

Side Dishes: Classic Salade Nicoise and Mashed Sweet Potatoes. This classic salad was just straight-forward and not weighed down by too many flavors which worked out well with the intense flavor of the hot wing melt. The pecan mixture on top of the sweet potatoes gave it some texture and flavor, reminding me that Thanksgiving is coming up soon. It was a bit sweet, so I may just skip the sugar in the sweet potatoes next time.
Bulgarian Pumpkin Pastry
Dessert: Bulgarian Pumpkin Pastry. A sweet phyllo-wrapped dessert that tastes like pumpkin pie. There was a consensus in the group that you should serve it with Cool Whip so that it cuts the sweetness a bit.

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