Welcome To Your Dirty 30s, Amanda!

The Peimanns
In honor of Amanda’s 30th birthday, her loving husband rented a school bus to drive her family and friends down to Balducci’s Winery to enjoy the abnormally hot day in September.
On the Bus, En Route to Balducci's
After a rough start in the beginning with a bus snafu, we all made it down safe and sound and ready to drink. Even though it was incredibly warm, it did not deter us from drinking, eating and chatting the afternoon away.
At the Winery

Of course, the party did not end there once the sun went down. Nope, it was just moved to Gashouse where the birthday girl got to enjoy some beer and karaoke. So, wineries and karoke, her ideal birthday party.
Happy birthday, Amanda, you are now a Thirtysomething.

Here are some more party pictures of the day.

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