Black Friday 2010

Too Early
I believe we are slipping this year, we woke up at 3:39AM, 15 minutes later than last year. I think our old age is catching up with us or maybe we’re just not that aggressive. Either way, it is the only way to celebrate Thanksgiving weekend.

After our breakfast of champions (cappuccinos and donut holes from Quick Trip), Bob and I headed down to the Valley to fight the crowds at Best Buy. This year, we actually had a list: a big-ass TV for his parents and microwave for my sister. Okay, so it wasn’t a long list and did we really need to get up before the sun to get it? No, but then where’s the fun?
Line at Best Buy
When we got down to Best Buy and met up with Kenny, there was already a line but I was smarter this year. I brought a reading light and book and sat in the car to wait until the doors open. The boys could hang out and freeze while I sat in a toasty car. This will be my plan of action in the future.

Best Buy was crowded, especially in the DVD section. It was like a swarm of locusts in that section. Bob did end up purchasing a TV and Kenny got what he needed. The next stop: Wal-mart. I was able to pick up a few items there for presents and didn’t have to take down anyone either. And of course, my trip to Target for the essentials like shampoo and lotion.
Shopping for Lotion
After parting ways with Kenny, we stopped at the mall to look around. Overall, it was a successful trip since I got all that I wanted on my list but somehow, I walked away feeling a bit unsatisfied. Maybe it was because I actually bought things for other people and not much for myself. Damn me for being unselfish.

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