Eleven or So at Mangia Italiano

Eleven Or So

Our friend Albert’s band, Eleven or So, played at Mangia Italiano the other night. We had been trying to see one of their shows for a while, but schedules hadn’t allowed us to make it. Finally, our calendars lined up and we made it out for the show. They were scheduled to start at 11PM, but true to their name, the show went off considerably later than intended. Once it did though, the music was great.

They played two sets. Well, it was really just one set, but the bassist had to take a leak in the middle, so it felt like two. The first set started off with a Radiohead cover, nicely executed, proving that they have good taste. Their original songs were generally, big, sprawling affairs of shoegaze with enough pop edge to keep them focused and tight. The second half was packed full of some of their more accessible songs, save the last, which was, simply put, big. This is the kind of song that gets written, and a band knows they have to close with it. Good stuff all around.

Eleven Or So

Basically, if you enjoy music, you should check out Eleven Or So. Even I wasn’t friends with the guitarist, I’d still be interested in the tunes. If you enjoy photographs, check out the rest of the set on Flickr.

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