Halloween In Hawaii

It’s not often that I can say that I spent Halloween in Hawaii so it’s nice when I do. Bob and I had so much fun visiting Sam in Kona seven years ago, we thought it was about time to take advantage of free lodging in paradise.

Our first full day in Hawaii happened to be on Halloween. What does one do on Halloween on the Big Island? Why go to the beach, of course!
We spent the morning enjoying the surf and sand on a small beach north of town. While I laid back and soaked up the rays, Bob and Sam frolicked in the crystal clear ocean.
Later on, we were invited by Sam’s fried to the resort that she was staying at. There we had a lesson in paddle boarding. That was an adventure! We had our lesson inside the cove where the waves were not choppy and learned how to stand on the board and paddle. Once we mastered that (or close enough), we were led out into the rough waters beyond the protection of sea wall. There were quite a few spills out there and in the end, I ended up paddling back on my knees. I barely made it back in. Bob, on the other hand, had quite a different story. The poor guy didn’t even make it out of the cove at all. Apparently he has no center of gravity whatsoever. Good thing he’s a water baby because he sure spent a lot of time in the water.
This was the easy part.
The real highlight of the evening was watching Sam perform in Rocky Horror Picture Show. He played Brad (such a perfect role for him) and he was fabulous. I do have to say, though, seeing your friend in his tightie-whities does really burn that in your retinas. So, since I’m such a giving person, you can have the same privilege:
Rocky Horror Show
I have to say, the entire cast did a wonderful job and I was impressed with the community theater vibe. One complaint, though: Mr. Man Sitting on My Right, I did not appreciate the entire musical sung in my ear.

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