Supper Club: November 11, 2010

Feta and Sun-Dried Tomato Spread
Appetizer: Feta & Sun-Dried Tomato Spread. I do love sun-dried tomatoes, I don’t ever utilize this ingredient enough. When this was made, I practically licked the bowl clean. The Greek yogurt was an interesting substitute to the traditional base of mayo or sour cream. Very nice.

Kalua Pig, Two-Corn Polenta, and Polynesian Vegetables
Entree: Kalua Pig. After returning from Hawaii, I thought I would make something that would bring a little local island flavor to the Mainland. Such an easy recipe, works great on the sweet Hawaiian rolls. A must make for anyone who is lazy. I used Kosher salt instead of Hawaiian salt because I couldn’t find any and it was just fine.

Side Dish: Polynesian Vegetables. Incorporating a little bit of Hawaii with our vegetables, I like it! A sweet sauce for your vegetables to simmer in and then served.

Side Dish: Two-Corn Polenta. The first time I had ever had polenta, it was dry and bland with no flavor at all. Because of that first experience, I have been turned off of it, until the polenta at Trattoria Marcella. Now, this door has been opened for me and I can now enjoy this creamy, flavorful dish. I love how the corn adds a bit of sweetness to the polenta.

Marbled Banana Bundt Cake
Dessert: Marbled Banana Bundt Cake. If any of you had seen “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” you will understand how often we quoted bundt cake scene that night. I always enjoy a banana-chocolate combo, especially in cakes so I was impressed with this dessert.

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