Baking in the Morning, Cooking in the Evening


On my first official day of vacation, I spent the day slaving away in the kitchen, by choice. And it was fabulous. I started off the morning in Krissy’s kitchen, learning how to bake yeast bread. The teacher: Katie. The students: Krissy, Kat and I. Armed with our KitchenAid mixers and our yeast, we were mixing, kneading, baking machines.

Kat and Krissy, Mixmasters

We churned out loaf bread, sweet dinner rolls and large cinnamon rolls. The scent of fresh baked bread filled the air and I may never go back to store-bought again. Katie was a fabulous instructor, teaching us bread-baking techniques and taking the scariness out of baking with yeast. Thanks so much for the lesson, it is very much appreciated! Now, what did the guys do? Of course:

I'd bake, but I have to attend to my Call of Duty.

As soon as the last cinnamon roll was iced, Bob and I headed to the Kitchen Conservatory for their cooking class: Tuscany for Two. It was our date night and we were there to cook and feast on menu from Tuscany. This was a hands-on class and I was a little disappointed being appointed to roast the vegetables. It consisted of making the marinade, chopping the vegetables, marinating the vegetables, and then finally roasting them. Child’s play. When the description said hands-on, I was expecting to participate in every aspect of the menu, unfortunately, that was not the case. The food was delicious, though, and I will be keeping the recipes from that night. Maybe I’ll have some people over for a dinner party and I can whip this up.

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